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WiFi password cracker- (prank)


Are your trying to break wifi password or searching for a free WiFi connection?. Now crack WiFi password easily of any network around you with faster, Free WiFi password cracker Application. A most reliable and extra fast hacking or cracking tool to get all secret wifi network codes or rest wifi connection to get wifi master key.Get the password of any secured wireless network connection (WiFi).You change the wifi key of your friends wireless internet connection.Crack WiFi passwords of wireless connection of same connection or wire and prank your friends that your are guru and master in password soling.
After cracking a secrete wifi connection your even change the wifi master key to get fool your friends. Show your self a guru in cracking of very secret and hidden passwords with WiFi password cracker prank application.
Having a technical genius mind! Enter into the world of hacking , cracking and become your self a master in steeling hidden and secrets passwords( WiFi Password ), bank ATM pin codes, etc of your university lab, school lab, office and friends. A prefect joke to play on friends and family!
Start the application and scan for all available list of WiFi networks around. Select the WiFi account you want to hack and a fake password will be generated for it! .They will think you just hacked into their WiFi account!
DisclaimerHacking, cracking or steeling is a crime world wide.WiFi Cracker Prank is only a joke app. It is not a real hacking application. It does not steel WiFi passwords in real. All passwords generated are random and fake!